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  • Inspiration for a local paddling challenge perhaps?

    Click the photo or this link to read a great writeup of an impressive day touring challenge in the San Fancisco bay. If it gets you energized, think about what we might come up with locally in the NYC/LongIsland area! It need not be quite as gruelling as this 61 mile monster, but surely we can […]

  • Exploring afar. A rough water trip to Californa

    Shannon and I spent almost two weeks holed up with Tom Humphries (of Neptune’s Rangers fame <–link is to their youtube channel), and explored some of the amazing California coast. Here is a qucik highlights reel of some of it. Lots more never got recorded, as is always the case, and a longer piece will likely […]

  • Paddling Magazine prompts the discussion of negative impact of certifications

    Below is a link to Paddling Magazine’s recent article raising the question of if there is negative impact in the kayaking community due to the pressure and focus on certification. Take a read. What are your thoughts? NACK was born (as I’ve been told by our elders!) out of a desire for more training and […]

  • Spring 2019 Newsletter

    Spring is here and so is our latest Newsletter Read about Winter Paddling in Florida, Jim Dreeben The Peconic Paddler, Apps for paddlers,and the Dangers of Cold Water.   Be careful, the water is still very cold, dress for possible immersion    

  • A small portion of the fun we had with the Small Craft Advisory gang in 2018

    Rarely are these trips NACK official trips, but there’s an ever growing number of NACK paddlers (and others) joining in the fun.  Hope you enjoy watching whether you partake or not 🙂

  • NACK Winter 2019 Newsletter

    Happy New Year and the Winter 2019 Newsletter is here! Read about the Winter Pool Program, our Awards Dinner (at special reduced pricing) upcoming events and training programs, and our recent Center Island Circumnavigation and Cold Water Orientation.

  • West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium – The symposium you never knew you wanted to go to, but do!

    The beginning of September this year found me driving up to New Brunswick Canada, and the magnificent Bay of Fundy for a week+ of exceptional kayaking. We met and stayed with some friends on Deer Island, NB, and then headed to Campobello Island which was the home of the 208 West Isles Sea Kayak Symposium. We […]

  • This Is How We Do It…

      Just checking in to let you know that although this website hasn’t seen much activity lately, the same is hardly true for NACK the CLUB itself. We just finished up another solid & successful six session winter pool season & are all ready now for the ’18 paddling season.  Last Saturday Paul V. […]