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Welcome to the latest addition to the web presence of North Atlantic Canoe and Kayak.  This site is organized as a Web Log or “blog” for short.  It enables us to post information as soon as it becomes available and allows you to interact by posting comments. You can even subscribe by email to keep up with the latest posts and comments. And if you’re looking for something specific, the postings and other materials are now fully searchable in several ways. Enjoy your visit.

The members’ only area requires a password to enter.  If you are a current NACK member and need a password please contact the

About the site

NACK Classic WebPages: What happened to our original NACK pages? The NACK logo on the left side header is an active link to our original “Classic” WebPages that contain the rich history of NACK and valuable resources for paddling information and navigation.  This information was carefully collected and assembled by Founding Director Gordon Dayton.

Keep current and stay informed.  Subscribe to NACK Notes postings and get them by email the same day they’re posted.  Never miss out on trips or training opportunities. Just click the “Sign Me Up” in the right hand column and enter your email address.  All addresses are kept confidential and will not be posted. We will not use your email address for any purpose other than delivering  the latest postings. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Your comments are welcome.  Just click on the title of any posting and you will get a box in which you can add your comments or suggestions.  For example, you could recommend Kevin Stiegelmaiers book or you could suggest another book or provide information you found useful.  Your posted comment will appear shortly for the paddling community to view.  Your name will appear exactly as you enter it on the form.  You can enter your full name or an entry like John, Big John, John B, or BlueK are all OK.  Again your email and identity remain confidential.

Looking for Something? You can search for something specific on these pages by using the search box in the right column.  You can also view all postings in a specific category by clicking on the category tags.

Contact Us There are contact forms on several pages that allow you to quickly submit questions, suggestions or membership information.

Members Only: The members’ only area requires a password to enter.  If you are a current NACK member and need a password please contact the

Confidentiality Your confidentiality is important to us.  We request your email address when you make a comment in case we need to get in touch with you regarding your post.  We also use it in order to prevent spam and abuse.  Your email will not be disclosed, sold or used for purposes other than to administer this site and to provide you with a subscription to our web log.

Software: For best results this site should be viewed with the latest release of Internet Explorer (Version 8), Safari or Firefox web browsers.

Internet Explorer 8 is available as a free upgrade from Microsoft

Our Newsletter and most documents are .pdf files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is available for download at no cost.

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