Instructional Resources

Quick Links to the ACA Assessment Checklists:

“A Guide to Paddling – Coastal/Sea Kayaking”

The American Canoe Association has produced several excellent videos for kayakers. As an ACA Paddle America Club, North Atlantic Canoe & Kayak is proud to make “A Guide to Paddling – Coastal/Sea Kayaking” available on our site. Of course you must keep in mind that paddling techniques cannot be learned solely by observation; they require comprehensive training and on-water practice supervised by qualified instructors.

While originally intended for paddlesport businesses and their staff, the video still provides some great introductory material to those new to the sport of kayaking. It also demonstrates why proper training and practice is so important to safe and enjoyable paddling.

Here’s the ACA Video.

A Guide to Paddling – Coastal / Sea Kayaking from American Canoe Association on Vimeo.

NACK is proud to provide a listing of quality instructional resources that support our organization. We recommend that you always choose an ACA certified instructor. The ACA trains and certifies Instructors through a demanding program of Instructor Development Workshops (IDW) and Instructor Certification Exams (ICE). The ACA requires their Instructors to update their certification every four years to insure skills and methods are up-to-date.

Sea Kayaking Skills and Adventures Ltd, incorporated in 2000 by Elizabeth O’Connor is the clear choice for quality certified instruction on Long Island. “Skills + Knowledge = Adventure” SKSA offers certified ACA training to NACK members at discounted rates.

Doug Ford is an ACA and ARC certified kayak instructor working with various organizations on Long Island. You can contact him thru NACK for sound basic instruction and perspective on native boats and skills.

University of Sea Kayaking: founded by Wayne Horodowich. “We at USK believe that education doesn’t belong to any one person. We would like to see our site as an informational resource for all those interested in sea kayak education.” Wayne has provided a discount on his exceptional USK videos to all NACK members when purchased through the club.