Rolling Into the New Year

New Years Eve 2020 at the Dinghy Shop

Might as well start the New Year right. A few months ago a some hearty North Atlantic Canoe & Kayak members came up with the idea of starting the New Year right. They decided to get together on New Years Eve, on the water, and roll over to end the old year and come back up in a new year. Talk about starting the year off right. Just a word of warning…don’t try this at home!

Watch the video

These folks have learned their skills in controlled conditions and regularly practice together. They are also dressed right for immersion in cold water, wearing dry suits, hoods, gloves and of course their PFDs (personal flotation devices, a.k.a. life jackets. Every one was screened before hand, maintained social distancing, and wore masks whenever possible.

Jim at the Dinghy Shop in Amityville was kind enough to host the event and allowed us to use their facilities. The shop is right on the water and provided support and a warm fire for after the event. In case you don’t know they also sell and rent kayaks, paddle boards and sailboats. They also have a full line of accessories and clothing like drysuits 🙂 too.

Year round paddling can be safe and enjoyable if done right.