Good planning is essential to a safe and successful kayak trip. The water may become a dangerous place with little warning even under the best of situations. Being aware of forecasted conditions and knowing what they mean can be essential in avoiding disaster. NACK provides the following trip planning resources to aid in managing risk and providing for a safe and enjoyable journey.

SKSA Kayak Launch Sites

Communication Resources

One of the most useful pieces of safety gear for boaters is a VHF marine radio. It can be used to monitor real-time weather information and to call for aid in the event of an on-water emergency. It is important to be familiar with proper protocols in advance of an emergency.

Marine radios may also be used for inter-group and intra-group communications to aid in managing groups of paddlers on the water. Marine radios operate on public use communication bands and should at no time be used for chatting or in an irresponsible manner. The links below can be useful in establishing safe and responsible marine communication protocols.

USCG Nav-Center Radio Info for Boaters
USCG Nav-Center Radio Watchkeeping Regs
USCG Nav-Center Navigation Rules

Tide and Current Forecasting Resources

The following resources will aid in predicting local tides and tidal currents at known locations. Data for known tidal stations, in combination with local knowledge can be used to predict tidal variations at your favorite put-in.



NOAA Tides Currents Online

Long Island Marine Zone Forecast

General Boater Safety Resources

A reader recently brought to our attention a boating safety resource that contains links to wide variety of boater safety information.  While not specifically directed towards paddlers there is a myriad of useful information.

The Ultimate Sanibel Boating Safety Guide


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