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  • Pool closed? Don’t let the snow bring you down!

    They can close the roads; the water may freeze; the winds may blow; and the pool session may be cancelled, but you can always go out and practice!

  • Rescues: why we practice

    One of the frequent activities we do in peer practices and on various trips/outings is to go over self and assisted rescue techniques. The primary reason is of course simply to keep everyone safe. It builds confidence and allows us to push our skills in other aspects of paddling knowing that we can recover if…

  • Back in the saddle again!

    The 2016 pool sessions have started up and it’s great to see John back on the water! …nice to see everyone else too of course 🙂 Click the image or this link to see the collected photos and videos from the day. Note that I did not prune or tune them, so if there are…

  • Winter Newsletter 2016

    The Winter 2016 Newsletter is now online. Our 2015 paddling season revisited and much, much more.

  • December 2015 Cold Water Practice

    Before the deeper cold of winter sets in, a group of 6 hearty NACK paddlers and a friend headed out to Jones Beach Field 10 for some cold water practice of rescues and rolling, and a cruise by Haunt’s Creek to hunt for some seals. Here is a video montage of that day, Saturday, 12/5/2015.…

  • Rescue in the wild

    As fans of cold water paddling and adverse conditions, I found myself at Goldstar Battalion beach in Huntington on Saturday the 14th of November waiting for Alan Mayors to arrive. A gale force warning was in effect. Air temperature was 49°, water temperature 59° and the sun was shining on the whitecaps in the harbor.…

  • The Great Jack-O-Lantern Sail

    The Great Jack-O-Lantern Sail By Rhonda Moziy Halloween, a time for frolic and excitement, a time to enjoy autumn leaves at the peak of their splendor. Belmont Lake State Park was the setting for NACK’s Third Annual Great Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Sail. The bright sunny day on Saturday, October 24, 2015 was met with all kinds…

  • Summer Newsletter 2015

    The Summer Newsletter Is Here