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We would love to post some cool photos on this page.
If you have taken pictures at any of our events and can supply a digital copy,
please see one of our board members.
NACK Peer Practice at Lake Ronkonkoma 10/9/05
Peer Practice Oct-05
  NACK Peer Practice: NACK is founded on a solid committment to skills. Here are scenes from our first Peer Practice on a cold October day. Peer training can be problematic because it is easy to propagate bad skills, but getting together to help practice skills can be quite useful. Peer practice combines elements of skill development, observation and feedback and fosters group commitment. The term “Peer Practice” was offered to us by advisor Wayne Horodowich. Photos by S. Selkin                       




NACK Trips

If you would like to report on a recent or not so recent trip this is the place. We would especially appreciate reports that shareduseful local information, taught a lesson, or conveyed a humorous anecdote. But, really, anything goes.
Fire Island Lighthouse Walk 12/3/05
Fire Is. Light Dec-05
  Fire Island Lighthouse Walk: NACK seeks to maintain activities for all members throughout the year. Not all members are prepared for winter paddling. In the winter we schedule activites that offer opportunities for all our members to stay in contact and keep in shape. The Fire Island Lighthouse walk and tour is an excellent example of one of our winter season activites. Photos by E. O’Connor     
Founding Member's Trip to Democrat Point
Democrat Pt Aug-05
  Founders Paddle at Democrat Point: Shortly after NACK was formed the founding members planned a trip to Democrat Point near Jones Inlet on the Great South Bay. This was to be a surf practice and bonding trip. Democrat Point is an area with breaking surf and standing waves which is frequented by Long Island surfers. It is best suited to paddlers with advanced skills. Photos by S. Selkin                       


AFW Trip on the Nissequogue River
Nissequogue Jul-07
  Nissequogue River Paddle: By 2007 we had our Trip Leader Training program in full swing. This July paddle on the Nissequogue is more than just an Advanced Flatwater Paddle (AFW), is also a portion ofthe mentoring sequence for a NACK Trip Leader Candidate. These photos depicting a pleasant afternoon on a classic Long Island River belie the extensive planning and background scenarios that were taking place during the trip. Photos by G. Leung                       


FW Members Paddle & Lobster Dinner in Shinnecock Bay
Lobster Pdl Sep-07
  FW Paddle in Shinnecock Bay: In September of 2007 it seemed appropriate to close a fine summer paddling season with a special trip discovering Shinnecock Bay and enjoying a fine dinner in local east-end restaurant. The trip and dinner was arranged by Training Director, Elizabeth O’Connor and VP Jerry Collins. It was planned in a FW rated area so all members could participate. Timing was set for low tide so we could view the areas abundant wildlife. Photos by E. O’Connor                       














Member Trips

Our members often participate in interesting trips outside the club. We are pleased to accept and publish travel logs that are of general interest to our members and the paddling public. We would especially appreciate reports that share useful local information, teach a lesson, or merely convey a humorous anecdotes.

Gordon and Elizabeth's report from Currituck Sound
Outer Banks Oct-06
  Outer Banks – Fall 2006: Members Gordon Dayton and Elizabeth O’Connor joined four friends in October 2006 for a week of relaxed paddling in Currituck Sound in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. This area has excellent paddling and is dotted with many small islands and populated by numerous shore birds. October makes a great time for the self reliant vacationer to explore the area after the summer crowds
have left. Photos by E. O’Connor, G. Dayton & P. Demascio                       








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