NACK Winter 2021 Newsletter

The new year brings us a new NACK Winter Newsletter with a new editor. Hal has retired from the position of Newsletter Editor after many years of service. He did a terrific job and his newsletters were a tremendous contribution to the success NACK has enjoyed. We are all grateful for the time and effort spent on each edition. Paul C. has accepted the position of Newsletter editor and has done a great job on the Winter 2021 Edition. A complete collection of previous editions is available under the Library tab at the top of the page.

2 responses to “NACK Winter 2021 Newsletter”

  1. Doing the newsletter over the years was a pleasure (not at first) and it kept me mentally alert, and close to the water, and events on the water. The first edition by Paul Conlon just came out and it’s really really good (almost better than my best). Paul will have fun in the future doing the NACK newsletter and it will keep him very involved with NACK and the water. I will stay involved with NACK and look forward to reading future newsletters and kayaking. Old kayakers never die, they just fade away. — Hal