Pizza Pizza

…More than just a Little Caesars’ catchphrase, it’s quickly becoming a recurring theme in this summer of club paddles. Our first ‘Pizza Paddle’ was a few weeks back when we reached out to the nice folks over at the new ‘Easy East kayak/skate shop in Huntington, (right ON the Harbor) to organize a meet, greet, paddle & eat evening on the water. Tide was low that night, so it wasn’t the easiest of launches but we all made it off their floater without incident.  Though the water at this end of the harbor was just so teeming & boiling with bunker. I thought they were going to jump right into our boats!

Huntington Harbor

Our group paddle out to the lighthouse was nice. We ended up cutting into & paddling through numerous mooring fields in order to stay out of the channel where the powerboats out sharing this beautiful evening were regularly coming & going.

We then split into two groups with John staying back to keep pace with some of the newer folks while the rest of us headed out for a once-around the lighthouse & back.

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click for original sizeclick to enlargeIt was here that I got to ‘christen’ the gelcoat of my new boat on a barely submerged rock on the way there. I know the area pretty well, and was well aware of the string of rocks on the west side of the harbor entrance that curve pretty far out towards the light but I was watching Steve out ahead & a little to my right & wasn’t looking at what was straight in front of me. Ran right up on the sucker. Well, now I know firsthand the reason for those keel strips!

Don't get any ideas, Deb !





Paddling back to the shop was just as nice as the 2-1/2 miles we did on the way out. With barely a breeze & a nice setting sun behind us on this return leg, we eased our way back to ‘Easy East’. Breaking bread (well, pizza dough) & talking shop with the young but very knowledgeable new proprietors was great. Nice outside picnic tables with tiki torches all along the fence was a perfect setting for our NACK pizza & sodas. And a big, bright full moon rising up over the neighboring hills of Halesite just capped off this wonderful outing.


Now fast forward one month to this past Friday night (8.19) over in Lindenhurst where nine of us met on the beach with the live band already in full swing. Paul introduced himself as our trip leader & gave us a quick plan for the evening & we all got in our boats (or onto a paddleboard) & set off into the bay for just a short bit.


Then took a quick left into the first canal along Venetian Blvd. Lazily paddling along & socializing, we made it way, way into the back as far as the low tide would allow,

(Could’ve jumped out onto Montauk Hwy for some Taco Bell we were so close!)

If the tide was higher & you didn’t look too closely at the background it was a pretty idyllic spot there.

Plenty of ubiquitous Canada geese along the way & an unexpected lone Blue Heron tucked away off to the side were the wildlife highlights

Once at the literal end of the road, we made our turnaround & started back. And as we neared the opening back into the bay Mike was eager to test his recently revived rolling skills. & came away successful & satisfied.

Few of us also similarly tested the quickly darkening waters once we got a little closer to our landing spot. Recent heatwave has left the bays warmer than the evening air!!

By this time Paul’s wife had arrived & set up a nice spot for us on the beach; still within earshot of the band, but not so close to the sizable crowd that had turned out for the sultry evening. We had plenty of pizza & beverages of choice and were able to actually relax & socialize instead of the usual hurry up & load your boats & say goodbyes-until-the-next-time paddle routine.  & all this on a beautiful, soft, sandy beach with a big day-after full moon hanging low over the water.

Was really nice. Big, big thanks to Paul & Goldene for making it happen. Great job.  (More pics here)

I didn’t bring my calendar & clipboard as promised but got some great trip ideas from new member Jahzeel. So stay tuned. Plenty of great paddling season still to come.

-Alan M.


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  1. Alan,

    Thanks for the kind words. Goldene and I enjoy that gem of a beach just about every Friday evening and it was great to share it with my fellow NACK paddlers. I appreciate NACK providing the pizza and Gold for bringing the table, plates and napkins. It is one of the few level one trips new members can attend and get to know their fellow paddlers.