What happened to Spring??

Thought March was supposed to ‘come in like a lion’, not MAY !  Oh well. Just a short trip summary to report here to you  that neither snow nor sleet nor gloomy, cold, rain-threatening May days will keep us from getting our boats, blades & bodies into the water. The 54° degree water at the Northport boat ramp was only about 2 degrees colder than the air yesterday but eight of us still managed to make an enjoyable outing over past Eatons Neck light & back.

Though I will say Lynne definitely came up WAY, way short with her promise of bringing us some FL sunshine for our trip!


It still was a nice, scenic paddle. (even with that completely cloud-covered sky.  & when I say completely covered I mean we could barely make out the bottom half of the powerplant stacks on our way back).


Coming 'round the point into boat basin -photo by Ron S.
Coming ’round the point into boat basin -photo by Ron S.

It was a good exploratory day, mostly finding out that the entire peninsula surrounding the Eatons Neck basin is CoastGuard-controlled land with no private boat landings allowed.

We did find a nice spot nearby right on the South side to take our break. & once we checked out that there were no shorebird nests in the area we might be disturbing we spread out & stretched out for an enjoyable snack time

Another osprey notch in ron's belt (-gonna need a bigger belt soon !)
Another Osprey notch in Ron’s belt -gonna need a bigger belt soon !
Egrets are waiting for Spring too
Egrets are waiting for Spring too  -photo credit Ron S.
(we finally found some flatwater)

& While our trip over had some steady broadside swells with occasional breaking whitecaps, the paddle back Eastward was pretty smooth going, with no adverse winds/ currents. Maybe just the lightest mist of rain, if that.

We must’ve made good time there & back cause once outside the launch channel entrance we still had plenty of pre-K.Derby time to play & practice rolls & rescues, both self & assisted.

Troy being a little camera-shy here

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArare picture of chris (being the only one upright in his boat)

Glad we made it out yesterday as time is dwindling quickly for these Huntington Town launch locations. Only two more weekends left for us ‘outsiders’ before the resident-only rules clamp down hard on us.

Then again, in these days of $5 cups of coffee, even a $20 parking fee (while somewhat excessive, imo), is still worth it to me for access to some of Long Islands nicest paddling waters.

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3 responses to “What happened to Spring??”

  1. Yes it was a dreary day. But when on the water the sun is always shinning.
    I was on the Nissequogue with a Scout Canoe Trip.

  2. Now that I am off Saturdays until September I look forward to more trips with you and hopefully nicer weather!