Peer Practice June 9 2014


Heckscher State Park Peer Practice

The weather looked threatening, but the rain held off. An 11 knot wind was driving the chop on the bay toward the beach. Bob, Rich and I meet Steve on the beach for a pre-practice briefing. Conditions were at the lower parameters at which the Level 3 test will be given. And a wakeup call for basic skills!

With the wind pushing against you and waves bouncing you around, a simple bow recovery became a test for both the paddlers involved.  A stern pry, awkward on flat water, became a natural stroke to control the kayak in a following sea. Rather than slogging away into the chop, pick and time your stroke to paddle downhill. It is an energy saver and great fun. The last lesson of the day was not to exit on the beach side of your kayak.

Paul V



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  1. Harold Mclaughlin says:

    I’m sorry I missed it

  2. Bob says:

    Perfect description Paul!



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