NACK Kayak Pool Session Qajaq Testing


And as if all the pool rolling successes weren’t enough, a couple of members got the opportunity to test their latest Skin-on-Frame kayak creations in the pool.  These SOFs consist of a western red cedar frame that’s lashed together in the “qajaq” building fashion of the people of the Arctic.

Frame Lashed and Pegged

Traditionally they would be covered in sealskin but today they are covered with nylon or polyester fabric and painted with polyurethane. As an intermediate step, before the final skinning, these kayaks are often tested with a “skin” of saran wrap and duct tape to be sure the design actually floats and handles as intended.  What could be better than a day in the pool?

Kayak designs represented included one based on the short (nine foot six), highly maneuverable, North Alaska Recovery Kayak.

North Alaska Recovery Kayak

A second design was a long, narrow West Greenland style with an upswept bow.

West Greenland bow detail as seen thru temporary "skin"

Skin-on-Frame construction yields very light kayaks as the West Greenland design, while 18 feet long and just  19 inches wide,  should weigh under 30 pounds when completed. Both designs performed well and should be ready for the paddling season. From members reactions there will be more kayak building and the possibility of a NACK skin-on-frame kayak building class in the future.  More kayak building details to follow.


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