Author: Chris King

  • Tom’s First Breakout

    Tom’s First Breakout

    On a gorgeous 80 degree November day, we took Tom out to get a taste of the ocean. Waves were a bit dumpy and steep, and the sea certainly had a mean side to it, even with waves mostly 2-4 feet. It was exhausting and a bit much for learning, but great for getting a […]

  • Full length documentary of a group circumnavigating Lake Superior in 2019

    This film is currently (and only temporarily) available for streaming on YouTube, so get to it! 🙂

  • Fantastic full length documentary to pass some time with!

    Amazingly this film just gets better as it goes. Watch it on mobile, computer, or cast it to your big screen TV! In 1938, two young newlyweds and their good friend set off from Paris on a bold adventure: to be the first to take kayaks down America’s famous whitewater river, the mighty Colorado. Setting […]

  • Easy visual to understand how wave period impacts ocean swell

    Bill Vonnegut offers us a crisp comparison of the difference that the same wave height (3 feet) has with two VERY different swell periods of 8 seconds and 18 seconds respectively. This is often a hard concept for paddlers to understand, and very helpful when planning open crossings and of course surf or rock gardening.  I […]

  • A day at the beach (Democrat Point)

    November came in all warm and sunny, and Shannon, Alan and myself took advantage of it by off-roading it onto Democrat Point (Robert Moses) for some play in the splashy stuff. The air was 36F when we woke up, but sunny and in the 50s when we were out and we were toasty warm and […]

  • Inspiration for a local paddling challenge perhaps?

    Click the photo or this link to read a great writeup of an impressive day touring challenge in the San Fancisco bay. If it gets you energized, think about what we might come up with locally in the NYC/LongIsland area! It need not be quite as gruelling as this 61 mile monster, but surely we can […]

  • Exploring afar. A rough water trip to Californa

    Shannon and I spent almost two weeks holed up with Tom Humphries (of Neptune’s Rangers fame <–link is to their youtube channel), and explored some of the amazing California coast. Here is a qucik highlights reel of some of it. Lots more never got recorded, as is always the case, and a longer piece will likely […]

  • Paddling Magazine prompts the discussion of negative impact of certifications

    Below is a link to Paddling Magazine’s recent article raising the question of if there is negative impact in the kayaking community due to the pressure and focus on certification. Take a read. What are your thoughts? NACK was born (as I’ve been told by our elders!) out of a desire for more training and […]