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  • NACK Spring 17 Newsletter

    The  Spring 2017 Newsletter is now online.  

  • NACK Awards Dinner

    Story by Rhonda Moziy A stone walled fireplace, dim lighting, living room library setting and sliding French doors set the cozy intimate scene of NACK’s Annual Awards Holiday Dinner . On the evening of Sunday, January 22nd 2017, once again, this wonderful dining experience was held at The Irish Coffee Pub at 131 Carleton Avenue, […]

  • NACK Newsletter Winter 2017

    The Winter Newsletter is now online.  Paddling wild water tideraces, Cycling in the Alps, The Great Pumpkin Paddle, Winter Pool and much more.

  • Another Great Jack-O-Lantern Sail 2016

    Article and Photos By Rhonda Moziy Under a windy faded red and gold autumn day at Belmont Lake State Park, NACK once again performed for the youngsters and adults at The Great Jack-O-Lantern Sail. On the Pre-Halloween Day of October 28th, our kayaks were once again proudly displayed for a myriad of uses.   The bright […]

  • Fall 2016 Newsletter

    The NACK Fall 2016 Newsletter is now online.  Shinnecock Canal Paddle, Blueway Trail Map, Maine Island Trail, Winter Pool preliminary info and much more!    


    Article & Photos By Rhonda Moziy Captree State Park, Sunday, September 18th.. On a day that called for heavy rain, the sun couldn’t have been any brighter. The warm September day was loaded with festivities, vendors, boat rides, pirates, painting, and nature created artwork, races and demonstrations. A shark mascot ran around and stopped to […]

  • South Shore Blueway Launch Sites

    For those folks who would like to see the Blueway Trail Launch and Landing sites in Google Earth this attached file is the answer. First download the Blueway Launch/Landing Sites file. Then open Google Earth and select the file.  You will now have all the sites marked on Google Earth.  You can zoom in/out, get […]

  • NACK Newsletter Summer 2016

    The Summer 2016 Newsletter is now online.