NACK Greenland Paddle Building Class in LI Press


We’re happy to report the NACK  greenland paddle making class last Sunday was filled to capacity and there are now 10 new greenland paddles soon to be in the water.  A video of the event is even featured on the Long Island Press website.

Chris Raab on the left of Tuktu Paddles made the trek  from south Jersey to the Captain Kayak shop in Sayville for the big event.  The air was filled with the aroma of fresh cedar and the floors covered in deep piles of cedar shavings as two by fours turned into authentic looking Inuit paddles. Chris supplied the wood, help us determine the correct measurements  and brought a collection of block planes, spoke shaves and chisels for all to use.  With some expert guidance it was amazing what the participants were able to turn out in just a few hours.

A big thanks to Chris for his patience, humor and expertise and to NACK Director Ann Kaiser for setting up the class.  Chris not only builds some of the most beautiful paddles you’ll ever see but he’s also a great instructor.

Thanks to Captain Jerry Collins (Captain Kayak himself) and the staff who were  kind enough to let us use the shop. We made quite a mess but managed to get it all cleaned up by quittin’ time. 🙂 And a special thanks to the Long Island Press for covering the event.

Additional photos posted in the photo gallery.

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