Kayak Roll DVD 1st Roll by Jay Babina

Learn to roll your kayak. There are several good DVDs out there that can help a kayaker  learn how to roll their boat. But 1st Roll by Jay Babina is probably the only one that deals exclusively with rolling a sea kayak. No whitewater boats. From the DVD… “Learning the Eskimo Roll is every kayakers dream from the moment they venture out on their first paddling experience. The idea of bringing yourself upright from a capsize is not only unique to the design of the kayak but remains one of the utmost safety skills that the sea kayaker can learn. “1st ROLL” addresses the concerns of the novice kayaker and demonstrates a simplified approach to learning the extended paddle roll, which is the easiest style roll to learn for beginners.”  With this DVD, and some professional instruction, you can easily learn to roll your kayak.

This DVD has been out there for a while but  is not well known since it’s not marketed by the big guys or Amazon.com It is available directly from Jay.  Jay is probably best known as a designer and builder who created the Greenland style Outer Island strip built kayak that was later used as the basis for the Impex Outer Island.