What to Wear?

It seems that whenever paddlers head out on the water the most frequent topic of conversation is the seemingly age-old question of  “what to wear”.  Of course the first consideration is to dress for possible immersion, but when it gets cold will it be a wet suit, dry suit or something else.  For todays Paddle Out Hunger event (see post below) we had 38 degree air temperature, water temp of about 50, moderate wind and bright sun. I chose to use the, new for 2009, Kokatat Tempest Tropos Dry Pants and OS Systems Dry Top with light weight polypropylene underneath. These pants have built-in dry socks just like a drysuit.  Plenty warm enough without overheating or the restrictive environment of my full dry suit.  The Kokatat pants are light and breathable offering a good, dry, warmer weather solution.  With sufficient layering and the right top they make a great combo for three season paddling attire. No wonder why Jerry at Captain Kayak says they’re flying off the shelves.