NACK meeting highlights Thursday February 2, 2012


After the pre-meeting and some necessary business matters including nominating NACK’S future Executive Board Members, we got down to some educational fun watching highlights of various DVD’s:

John’s film showed Derek Hutchinson’s grace in a kayak.  He literally had it dancing on edge.  It shows how far one can go with this sport.

Buddy brought a Gordon Brown Volume 2 Sea Kayak DVD.  We watched the section on “Contact Tows,” which is used when you have to tow another kayak with or without a paddler alongside your own, for a short distance.  I found it so interesting; that I went to the marina store yesterday morning to make a six foot long tow line myself.  At the store, the merchant actually braided the rope onto the clips; I would have attached it with knot after knot after knot.

Steve and Bob both brought their own copies of This is the Sea 3.  Pure excitement from beginning to end.  You really can’t just pick out a few special parts, as the whole DVD is so electrifying.

We also watched Cheri Perry and Freya Hoffmeister performing effortless rolls.  This was a natural progression for Freya from her sky-diving past.

See you at the March 7th meeting featuring trips.  Steve will be speaking on how to plan one, and Colin will have his calendar ready for us to fill up the dates.

Bob Horchler


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  1. It’s a good idea to show what is going on at meetings. Now I know what I missed and will try to get to more meetings.



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