NACK Greenland Paddling Skills Day with Alison Sigethy


Alison was the first international woman to compete in all nine events at the 2006 Greenland National Kayak Championship and she medaled in eight of them.  You can check out her rolling video on YouTube.
Alison in not only a talented competitor, she is a patient and insightful instructor.

Working directly with each individual, she spent several hours in the water guiding paddles along the surface and correcting blade orientation. All the time emphasizing that it’s body movement, not the paddle, that rights the kayak.

Offering encouragement every step of the way, by the end of the morning sessions she had most folks rolling using their skinny Greenland paddles.

Following the rolling classes the group worked on paddling skills and discovered that while the skinny paddle is easy on the shoulders it can still get your kayak really moving and turning. Look for a full report on the class in the next issue of the NACK Newsletter.

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  1. John W says:

    Alison was able to get me to roll the first time while standing alongside. She has very mild mannerism with extreme patience. When Alison was not alongside me the rolling was harder. She has a very magnetic personality.



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