My 2017 Year in Review


I’m off to Michigan to visit the in-laws and won’t be back on the water until January. Over the past few months I’ve been assembling a fairly massive collection of videos and still images from the people I’ve paddled with, and I have finally completed the 2017 Year in Review. It has many folks, in and out of NACK, and a variety of venues. I feel it tells a wonderful (if incomplete) story, and a fun one to watch and tap your feet to. I had a heavy focus on surfing this year, but there are all kinds of trips in here. The NACK Drone certainly added to the mix nicely.

I hope that in 2018, we can get some great NACK trips out there to include! I know there are a few special ones already in the works, and look forward to them.

Meanwhile, if you have 15 or so minutes, crack open a beer, pour some wine, or brew some coffee, stream the video to your largest screen with the volume up, and enjoy!

Thanks for being a big part of my year.


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  1. John W says:

    You had to spend a lot of time to produce this. It is a great tribute to sea kayaking on Long Island. Great way to inspire everyone to increase their skills.

  2. Paul Conlon says:

    Fantastic. Nice job Chris, and to everyone involved.

    Have a safe trip.

  3. Steve says:

    Great job Chris! Sure looks like fun. Superb camera work and editing. And a shout out to the skilled paddlers who demonstrated how kayaks can perform in tough conditions.

  4. Bob Horchler says:


    What a fantastic look back at some 2017 highlights! really a wonderful presentation.

    It was even more enjoyable than the store bought video’s , because we knew some of the faces and places.

    Super work also to all contributors, on your super filming, and fantastic paddling.

  5. Chris Fleming says:

    Great job. This should be used as a recruitment video.



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