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An ACA Paddle America Club

A NYS Not-For-Profit Corporation

Serving Long Island and Northeastern USA "Get the NACK for paddling"

Message Board Info

The Board of Directors of North Atlantic Canoe & Kayak  is pleased to announce the establishment of the Long Island Sea Kayak Forum.  The Forum has both a PUBLIC area and a Private area for NACK Members.

But first, some compulsory details:

The Forum has been created to build a place where paddlers can exchange information, and learn and help others learn about our great sport.  The information posted to the message boards is, however, solely the opinion of various individuals.  Posted messages should not be considered a statement in any way representing NACK, and NACK cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of anything posted to the Message Board.

The Forum has a PUBLIC area where anyone can post and view messages, and an area restricted to NACK Members.

Long Island Sea Kayak Forum

“What’s a message board?” It’s a place to post messages, exchange ideas, maybe learn some new stuff and share your knowledge. Sometimes they’re called forums, discussion groups or message boards. They’re all the same thing. But it’s not a “chat room”.

Messages are public (some are members-only) and are saved for the benefit of others who might have the same questions or who are looking for information on the same topics.

If you want a good explanation of what a message board is and how it works check out this link:

It’s really pretty simple. Anyone can read messages without a login. To post a message on this board, or to reply to one, you will need to register. Just pick a user name and password so you can login. You also need to provide an email address so we can validate your user registration. We require this to avoid spammers and those who would post offensive material.

Near the top of the page, on the right, next to “Register” and “Login” is a link marked “FAQ” for Frequently Asked Questions. There you can find just about everything you need to know about using the NACK message board. Please read it.

NACK Members-Only Area Information

You will need the Forum password to enter this area.  It is not the same as the log in password you picked when you registered your user name. In the Members Area you will find a place for your Questions, Suggestions and Complaints and a second area, the Members Test Area, where you can see how the board works and try different features.  Messages posted to the test area will self destruct in 7 days.