Kayak Trip Planning Using Internet Resources


This month’s meeting of North Atlantic Canoe and Kayak (Wednesday 3/7/12 at the Connetquot Library) will focus on kayak trip planning using internet resources.  With the prime paddling season about to begin it’s not too early to begin thinking about where we want to paddle.  Which leads us seek out new places.  But how does one go about planning a trip to somewhere they haven’t been before?  Check out the resources available on the Internet.

The meeting presentation will utilize free internet sources for nautical charts, maps, launch sites, weather, tides and currents.  And since there is nothing like a little “local knowledge” we will also discuss the use of internet message boards to share trip information.

As usual some pre-meeting discussion at 6PM, business at 7 including the election of Club Officers, and the presentation immediately following.


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  1. Gordon says:

    For a new trip location idea, how about the Thimble Islands off Branford, CT?

    Here is a starting point:





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