Kayak Safety and Cold Water


As National Safe Boating Week draws to a close we are again tragically reminded of the dangers of cold water immersion.  According to published reports, the body of a missing Connecticut kayaker was found on the beach in Amagansett and two others paddling in Maine also lost their lives.  All three were reported to to be wearing PFDs (personal floatation device) but were apparently not sufficiently protected from cold water.  In addition two swimmers were lost within miles of one another on Wednesday near Jones Inlet.  They were reportedly caught in strong rip currents and pulled away from shore.  No doubt the cold water temps were a contributing factor as more than a dozen persons needed to be rescued in the same area.  Finally, on a better note, Town Bay Constables, responding to a Mayday call from a nearby boater, were able to rescue a capsized kayker clinging to his boat as he was in danger of being swept out of Jones Inlet.

Every kayaker owes it to themselves to get some professional instruction on how to enjoy our sport in a safe manner and not learn their lessons the hard way, or even worse pay,  the ultimate price.  Always dress for immersion and wear your PFD.

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