Kayak Rolling Instruction with Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson & “This is the Roll” DVD


With the NACK Winter Pool Program now in full swing, and in keeping with the NACK philosophy of providing the very best instruction available,  we were fortunate to have Cherri Perry and Turner Wilson on hand today to provide some terrific rolling instruction.  A bunch of NACK members spent a couple of hours learning aft and forward-finishing rolls.

Cheri and Turner were standout competitors, winning numerous Gold Medals, at the 2005 Greenland National Kayaking Championships, in Paamiut, Greenland. Since then they have travelled the world teaching kayak rolling.  They have also recently produced a terrific instructional DVD titled “This is the Roll”

To make this DVD Cheri and Turner teamed with adventure cinematographer, Justine Curgenven, the creator of the ‘This Is The Sea‘ kayaking series, to create  the most comprehensive video yet on learning to roll your kayak. Shot in HD,  it’s a full two and a half hours of truly epic proportions. Each scene is done from several different angles, in many different kayaks, using different blades. The DVD focuses on the primary real-water paddle rolls, the Standard Greenland Roll, the Reverse Sweep Roll, and the Storm Roll. Breaking these down, in great detail, in an open and progressive method, you see real students making and correcting real mistakes along their learning path, and you also see these rolls done well in the conditions that they are REALLY meant for. (Hint: that does not involve flat mill pond water or a pool!).

This DVD features only sea kayaks and skin-on-frames; you won’t see any white water kayaks or C-to-C rolls. And while the rolls originate from Greenlandic heritage you will see them done just as well with conventional euro paddles. The extensive coverage of common errors should be of considerable benefit to both those trying to learn to roll and instructors teaching rolling.

You can view the trailer and order the DVD from Cheri and Turner on their Kayakways website.


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