Kayak Rolling in the Pool….. in High Definition


Since we got a few nice comments on the last video we posted, here are some more of Kayak Rolling in the Pool shot this time with a GoPro Hero high definition underwater camera.  First the apologies, the camera was borrowed just before the session so the photography sure could have been better. However the image quality is great. This camera can shoot some very high quality videos with long recording times.  It can also do stills and time lapse shots at various intervals.  Some real potential here.

The video shows sculling down and back up again, a roll with a sweeping Greenland paddle and finally a back flip with a quick C-to-C recovery.

Once the video starts you can switch up from 360p to 720p HD. Then click the image to go full screen

Here’s a few more rolls from last Sunday. Not HD but they again illustrate the benefits of warm water in winter time.

Don’t miss out. There’s still a few opportunities for pool time this month.

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