Kayak Pool Sessions Completed


The eight weeks of two-hour Sunday pool sessions at Suffolk Community College has ended this past Sunday.  Ann did a fantastic job of organizing it.  All the members went out of their way to help one another, including kayak unloading and loading from and to the cars, and carrying them in and out of both the recreation building and the pool area.  Steve brought his short whitewater kayak on several occasions to loan to other members.  Both he & John seemed to take great pride in offering instruction for helping new members -including me-along.  Most members practiced rolling, various types of rescues including the heel hook, getting back into their own kayak with the straddle or cowboy style method , as well as various other stokes, sweeps and carries of a swimmer they “rescued.”  Before the sessions, most members could roll, and just worked on making it more “bomb proof.”  Some members -including me- took a couple of lessons to learn or improve the rolling.  Several members at first practiced rolling with the paddle float and improved to rolling without it.  Dara, Matt, Alex and I finally, all successfully accomplished this somewhat elusive challenge.  Dara could roll before, but only if someone was spotting her.  For us other three, I think it was only in our dreams.  This was peer practice, minus the cold water and jelly fish.  I’m already looking forward to next winter’s sessions.

Bob H


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