Delmarva Paddlers Retreat 2010


Five NACK members (and three former members) made it to Camp Arrowhead in Lewes, Delaware for this years Delmarva Paddlers Retreat. Sponsored by Qajaq USA, the event is in its’ 22nd year and is essentially a Greenland kayak (qajaq) paddling festival. The extended weekend included Greenland rolling and paddling mentoring, rolling demonstrations, Greenland rope gymnastics, yoga, paddle and tuilik making and a skin-on-frame kayak building class.

The unique aspect of the gathering is the atmosphere of sharing.  Everyone is willing to contribute their time as mentors or guides to help others learn skills and pass along their knowledge. The manner in which knowledge is passed on from one person to another at the Retreat is different than that which most people have experienced. Instead of top-down “instruction”, they advance the principle that we are all learners, acknowledging that virtually all of us have knowledge we can share with other paddlers.

Picturesque Camp Arrowhead is situated on 167 acres on Rehoboth Bay in a dense pine forest and provided cabins and tent sites along with the main dining hall. Food was excellent and plentiful. All in all it was a fabulous weekend of traditional Greenland kayaking and related activities.

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