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Fall 2016 Newsletter

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The NACK Fall 2016 Newsletter is now online.  Shinnecock Canal Paddle, Blueway Trail Map, Maine Island Trail, Winter Pool preliminary info and much more!




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Article & Photos By Rhonda Moziy

Captree State Park, Sunday, September 18th.. On a day that called for heavy rain, the sun couldn’t have been any brighter. The warm September day was loaded with festivities, vendors, boat rides, pirates, painting, and nature created artwork, races and demonstrations. A shark mascot ran around and stopped to pose with guests for pictures. Music from a band in the band shell delighted us all.


NACK proudly set up a booth to offer all sorts of club information. Emery stood valiantly by his kayak training invention. Visitors were amazed by the simulated feeling of what it’s like to paddle a kayak.   The afternoon was met with NACK educating and instructing as John, Alan and Randy took their place by the waterfront to demonstrate and enforce safe kayak practices. Alan and Randy took to the waters in their kayaks and did their turns and flips and rescues as John clearly explained what they were doing and how a rescue takes place. Spectators were fascinated. After the demonstration, families stopped by the booth in earnest of wanting to learn more.

The day ended with ships coming back to shore, music quieting, and people sitting at picnic tables eating while little ones napped contented with the adventures of the day.

A fun time was had by all.  Photo Gallery

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Here is a rather long video/slideshow from this past weekend’s [non-official-NACK trip!] venture out to play in the ebbing tide race at Bug Light off of Orient, NY. Tom, Mike, Chris, & Alan headed out to test some of their improving skills after the training sessions up in Connecticut with Greg & Paula from kayakwaveology. It was a great spot, with the racing ebb just feet from a sandy spit of land where we could pull off in an eddy and rest, eat, and set up a camera on a tripod. We hope you enjoy watching. We sure loved the trip!

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Impex Demo Day @ The Dinghy Shop Saturday, August 13th – 10:00am

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From our friends at the Dinghy Shop:


Impex Kayaks will be having their first official demo in the US this Saturday at the Dinghy Shop, your local Impex resource. Come check out the new line up, it’s the same boats you know and love with a bunch of new features and options at an even better price. Now is the time to try and buy the boat of your dreams.

The Dinghy Shop:
334 South Bayview Ave. Amityville, NY 11701

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Dinghy Shop Kayak Test Drive Weekend May 14 & 15

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The Dinghy Shop will be hosting their annual Kayak Test Drive Weekend on May 14th and 15th. This is a great on water event that allows paddlers to try out a wide variety of kayaks and paddles back to back. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current kayak, add to your fleet, or seeking out a new paddle for the new year, there will be something for you. A number of industry reps will be on hand to help you choose the best kayaks and gear for your style and budget.

Also, this will be the first time Impex will be back in the U.S. and they’ll have a full demo fleet available for paddlers to test out.

In one of it’s first public appearances, Wilderness Systems will have a demo available of their new Helix MD Motor Drive. The new electric drive will be a big game changer for fishermen looking to push harder and further.

You only need to bring something you don’t mind getting wet in, and they’ll supply the rest.

Hours are Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Address: 334 S Bayview Ave, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone: (631) 264-0005


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Happy Hobie Day at Empire Rescheduled to April 30

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Update: Beautiful weather on Saturday so we’re moving the Kayak Fishing Seminar and Hobie Demo Day to Saturday April 30!

Empire Kayaks in Island Park will host HAPPY HOBIE DAY this Sunday May 1 Saturday April 30 10am-2pm.  Join them for a free demo of all the great Hobie products! The new Hobie Mystery product, the amazing Hobie Mirage Paddleboard!

Hobie Mirage Paddleboard

Hobie Stand Up Paddleboards, the Hobie Mirage Drive pedal kayaks and the multi-functional Tandem Island are just some of the available Hobies to try out. Hobie Fishing Team members on hand to explain the advantages of fishing from a Hobie! Call 516 889 8300 to reserve!

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Guided Eagle Tour on the Carmans River

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Guided Eagle Tour on the Carmans River
by Ron Scall 
On April 16th Paul treated a group of about 15 paddlers to a beautiful day on the Carmans River in search of 2 pairs of majestic Bald Eagles.  As an added bonus Paul enlisted Joy Cirigliano…
Carmans River -rs (1)
 the Atlantic Flyway Projects Coordinator, for Four Harbors Audubon Society to be our guide in order to give us a greater understanding of the birds and their habitat.
We launched from the Carmans River Canoe & Kayak Company in Brookhaven and almost immediately after paddling beneath the LIRR tracks…. 
We were treated to the site of a Great Egret…
Right from the  beginning Joy was calling out different species of birds faster than we were able to process the information…but the best was yet to come.  As we continued along the river we saw numerous Osprey; a couple with fresh catches of fish gripped in their talons and then we saw a snapping turtle…
which prompted several comments of “is it alive?”; but not to worry as Joy assured us upon closer inspection that it was alive and well.  
Shortly thereafter we saw the first eagle nest and Paul made the first siting of a soaring Bald Eagle.
 Carmans River -rs (7)
No matter how many times I’ve been fortunate enough to see one of these magnificent birds they still manage to captivate me.
As the group paddled along toward the second eagle nest Joy let out cry of what can only be described as pure exhilaration when she exclaimed “it’s a Bittern!”.  Not knowing what she was so excited about I paddled over to her and she told me this was only the sixth time she had ever seen a Bittern and I figured that in of itself must make this extra special so I decided to hang back with her to have a look at this bird.  When I asked her to point it out to me she told me it was in the reeds, two clumps of mud to the left.  I didn’t see a thing and the more I looked the more frustrated I became as I could not find this bird that she was going crazy over.  About this time Troy joined us in his 12 foot solo canoe…
and asked me what all the commotion was about and I proceeded to tell him about this rare siting of a Bittern.  He too questioned where it was and after a minute or two he spotted the elusive bird; however, I was still searching the reeds for it.  Finally the Bittern began to move and I finally spotted it!  Once I saw it I realized why it was such a rare find; it’s coloring perfectly camouflages it with the reeds.
Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

As the Bittern slowly made its way to the edge of the river to catch a fish Joy, Troy and I were totally mesmerized by this incredible bird and simply sat in our boats in absolute amazement.  I couldn’t take enough pictures of the Bittern and this one of what I can only describe as a prehistoric looking foot is probably the most interesting photo I shot on the trip.
Carmans River -rs (5)
After we got our fill of the Bittern for quite a while we proceeded up river to join the group again and were treated to more eagle sitings both in and out of their nest.
Carmans River -am (15)
Carmans River -rs (8)
After we all had our fill of the wonderful birds of the Carmans River we headed back for a lunch stop apparently stretching the rules a bit lol.


For a finale some of us made our way to the falls before calling it a day.


Many thanks to Paul for arranging a great trip and special thanks to Joy for her insightful expertise.
Here is a link to additional photos and videos
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Hudson River Greenland Festival

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Just got this from Jack Gilman.

The 10th Annual Hudson River Greenland Festival will be held Thursday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 26 at Croton Point Park.


Meals, lodging, and all instruction included — strokes, rolls, rescues, and fun races for adults and youths, ages 8 and up.

Greenland paddle-carving workshop on Friday with Don Beale of Beale Paddles, Oregon.

Special guests include Dubside!

Registration is open and space is limited. See the website for information.

Great place to work on your roll!

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