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Full length documentary of a group circumnavigating Lake Superior in 2019

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This film is currently (and only temporarily) available for streaming on YouTube, so get to it! 🙂

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Amazingly this film just gets better as it goes. Watch it on mobile, computer, or cast it to your big screen TV!

In 1938, two young newlyweds and their good friend set off from Paris on a bold adventure: to be the first to take kayaks down America’s famous whitewater river, the mighty Colorado. Setting off with film cameras, loaded with color film (before the first Hollywood color movie), they documented their journey, which took them on a cross country road trip across the US, a 1,000 miles of a first kayak decent down the Green and Colordao, and eventually back to France, at the outbreak of WWII. For more than 75 years their story had been lost–overshadowed by WWII, and forgotten–until filmmaker Ian McCluskey stumbled on an obscure roadside historic plaque. Curiosity and a call to adventure take hold, and he decides to learn how to white-water kayak to follow the path of the “voyagers without trace.” In the process, he uncovers unexpected connections to the French Resistance, the French Riviera, and the spirit of adventure accessible to all.

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A day at the beach (Democrat Point)

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November came in all warm and sunny, and Shannon, Alan and myself took advantage of it by off-roading it onto Democrat Point (Robert Moses) for some play in the splashy stuff.

The air was 36F when we woke up, but sunny and in the 50s when we were out and we were toasty warm and having a blast. Here are some highlights to enjoy.

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Inspiration for a local paddling challenge perhaps?

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Click the photo or this link to read a great writeup of an impressive day touring challenge in the San Fancisco bay. If it gets you energized, think about what we might come up with locally in the NYC/LongIsland area! It need not be quite as gruelling as this 61 mile monster, but surely we can find some interesting route that incorporates some planning, timing, and navigation skills to accomplish (Hi Troy! Look at me talking about navigation!)

To include areas that could be affected by tides and currents (forcing planning and ferrying, and boat handling skills, and chatwork, and….!!) my mind quickly turns to the far west and far east end of the Island. Time to think this through.  

Either way, enjoy the read, and see you on the water!

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Shannon and I spent almost two weeks holed up with Tom Humphries (of Neptune’s Rangers fame <–link is to their youtube channel), and explored some of the amazing California coast. Here is a qucik highlights reel of some of it. Lots more never got recorded, as is always the case, and a longer piece will likely be edited eventually.

The trip included several days camping in Mendocino, and day trips out to San Francisco, Monterey, Dillon, Big Trees park (hiking), American River (standing waves). Rock gardening, ocean swell, flatwater practicing, downwind surfing, caves, and great company all along the way….it really had it all. Moslty rain, hail, and wind, but….hey that’s sunny California for ya!

The trip absolutley pushed me well beyond my comfort zone time and again, whether in rocks, surf, or terrifyingly out at Point Bonita where we sat in 18 foot waves watching them explode a quater mile north on the cliffs. Tom was a phenomenal steward, keeping watch on us and ensuring both our satefy and enjoyment. 


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Below is a link to Paddling Magazine’s recent article raising the question of if there is negative impact in the kayaking community due to the pressure and focus on certification. Take a read. What are your thoughts?

NACK was born (as I’ve been told by our elders!) out of a desire for more training and skill building, and a natural path for that has been to leverage ACA guidelines and certifications. To that end, NACK offers yearly FREE  training and assessments. We just had one June 1


Certification killed paddling adventures

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

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Spring is here and so is our latest Newsletter

Read about Winter Paddling in Florida, Jim Dreeben The Peconic Paddler, Apps for paddlers,and the Dangers of Cold Water.  

Be careful, the water is still very cold, dress for possible immersion



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Rarely are these trips NACK official trips, but there’s an ever growing number of NACK paddlers (and others) joining in the fun.  Hope you enjoy watching whether you partake or not 🙂

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