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Here is a rather long video/slideshow from this past weekend’s [non-official-NACK trip!] venture out to play in the ebbing tide race at Bug Light off of Orient, NY. Tom, Mike, Chris, & Alan headed out to test some of their improving skills after the training sessions up in Connecticut with Greg & Paula from kayakwaveology. It was a great spot, with the racing ebb just feet from a sandy spit of land where we could pull off in an eddy and rest, eat, and set up a camera on a tripod. We hope you enjoy watching. We sure loved the trip!

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Impex Demo Day @ The Dinghy Shop Saturday, August 13th – 10:00am

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From our friends at the Dinghy Shop:


Impex Kayaks will be having their first official demo in the US this Saturday at the Dinghy Shop, your local Impex resource. Come check out the new line up, it’s the same boats you know and love with a bunch of new features and options at an even better price. Now is the time to try and buy the boat of your dreams.

The Dinghy Shop:
334 South Bayview Ave. Amityville, NY 11701

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Dinghy Shop Kayak Test Drive Weekend May 14 & 15

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The Dinghy Shop will be hosting their annual Kayak Test Drive Weekend on May 14th and 15th. This is a great on water event that allows paddlers to try out a wide variety of kayaks and paddles back to back. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current kayak, add to your fleet, or seeking out a new paddle for the new year, there will be something for you. A number of industry reps will be on hand to help you choose the best kayaks and gear for your style and budget.

Also, this will be the first time Impex will be back in the U.S. and they’ll have a full demo fleet available for paddlers to test out.

In one of it’s first public appearances, Wilderness Systems will have a demo available of their new Helix MD Motor Drive. The new electric drive will be a big game changer for fishermen looking to push harder and further.

You only need to bring something you don’t mind getting wet in, and they’ll supply the rest.

Hours are Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Address: 334 S Bayview Ave, Amityville, NY 11701
Phone: (631) 264-0005


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Winter came to a close with a flurry of back to back pool sessions.

There was great turnout at all six of them, and great to see people keeping their skills sharp and picking up new ones along the way in the “off” season. Self and assisted rescues, new rolls, balance braces, sculling, paddle strokes, and broken paddles all served as a pretext to further not only our skill sets but to strengthen our camaraderie and trust in each other for when we are out on the water.

Below are some bits from the final session. Please note that if you ever want to be filmed for practice, analysis, or to share with your friends and family, always feel free to ask. We have a slew of folks who are camera happy, and they’ll be pleased as punch to record you whether in the pool, out in the wild, or in the parking lot 🙂

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Hard Water

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Pool sessions through the winter are nice, but for five intrepid NACK paddlers, access to open water will not be denied!
The rest of the photos and videos are available here.

The seals in the area seemed much more comfortable inspecting us and we got to see some of the more rare local wildlife such as the Cupsogue Yeti. It may have a crush on Mr. Mayors.


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They can close the roads; the water may freeze; the winds may blow; and the pool session may be cancelled, but you can always go out and practice!

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Rescues: why we practice

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One of the frequent activities we do in peer practices and on various trips/outings is to go over self and assisted rescue techniques. The primary reason is of course simply to keep everyone safe. It builds confidence and allows us to push our skills in other aspects of paddling knowing that we can recover if things don’t go as planned. That’s why we do it in pools, moving water, waves, wind, and cold.

One aspect of learning these skills that is often not discussed is that it enables us as the person being rescued to play an active role in facilitating the rescue. Additionally it allows us to better understand what our support roles may be if we are not the primary person assisting the rescue. Rather than summarize them here, take a look at a brief and insightful discussion of this by Neptune’s Ranger member Bill Vonnegut. He also includes in the article a video from a rock gardening outing (that is most of what that group does), showing how much is really going on during a live rescue.

Click here to read his article

NACK is a supportive group, and if at any time on or off the water you feel that there is a gap in your skills you’d like to work on, always feel free to voice that desire and you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by folks who are happy to take the time to work with you. Whether it is something basic or advanced, we all have skills to learn, improve and practice.

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Back in the saddle again!

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The 2016 pool sessions have started up and it’s great to see John back on the water! …nice to see everyone else too of course 🙂

Click the image or this link to see the collected photos and videos from the day. Note that I did not prune or tune them, so if there are any you’d like added or removed (or touched up), just drop me a line.

Back in the saddle!

Back in the saddle!

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